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Discover how we created one of the fastest growing online retail gift sites thanks to its robust ecommerce platform and cutting-edge SEO campaign.

search engine optimization

When the client rebranded themselves and, in the process, redesigned its website, it caused serious problems for search engines. In turn, search traffic and donations tanked. We went through the site page by page, reworking the code to be search friendly did extensive keyword research. And finally re-established thousands of inbound links. As a result, in 12 months we doubled the donations the organization had received over the previous six years.

social media

ZERO was dabbling in social networking sites even before their rebranding efforts. F&P taught the ZERO crew how to take this starting point and begin leveraging it for SEO results. Stepped up efforts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere are helping extend the non-profit's community on the net, and in doing so improve its SEO performance with search engines.

mobile marketing

Our client had a team riding in the Race Across America, a bicyle race from San Diego to Annapolis. To help raise money for prostate cancer research, we used text-based giving, social media and an iPad giveaway to create a viral campaign designed to drive people to the client's website and Facebook page. The campaign resulted in significant donations as well as more than doubling of their Facebook likes.

content development & strategy

Beautiful site design, intuitive user navigationn, search-friendly code, strong social networking and brand recognition are each vital parts of building a successful website. At the end of the day, though, information is the fuel that makes the Internet go.

web design

Our client needed an update to their site that better represent their brand and accommodate all the updates to their facilities. They also required a content management system to allow in-house updates and be more conducive to search engine optimization.

rich media

Going beyond simple visual design to engage the viewer directly can be a powerful force for promoting your message, but rich media must be used wisely. Unnecessary effects can overshadow your brand or become a barrier to access.

See how we created an interactive reference for the National Safe Haven Alliance that helps users find the information they are looking for quickly and intuitively.

custom programming

Whether it's retrofitting a pre-made component into a new project, working with an undocumented system, interfacing with API code to connect with external databases, or creating a fully-custom solution, we have the expertise and the flexibility to meet your need for a customized solution.