F&P Wins International Summit Awards for its Canadian Adoption Ad and Summer Cottage Logo

Fort Wayne, Ind - Floyd & Partners is pleased to announce that it has won two Summit Creative Awards: one for its Adoption in Canada magazine ad; the other for the logo it created for Summer Cottage Real Estate in Indianapolis.

"We're thankful to know that the judges consider our work to be award-worthy," said Bob Floyd, owner of Floyd and Partners. "It's especially flattering given the thousands of international competitors in the field."

F&P took home a bronze for the magazine ad it created for Adoption in Canada, a public-service campaign that launched in Toronto and other markets in April. The ad came about after considerable research and testing with Canadian birth mothers, ranging in age from 70 to 17. The agency captured silver for its Summer Cottage logo, which was designed to set the Indianapolis-based real estate firm apart from its many competitors in the starter home market.

About Floyd & Partners

Floyd & Partners is passionate about developing our partners' brands. Our job is to conceive ideas that communicate the character and personality of those brands. We then craft messages to bring those ideas together into a comprehensive communications program that may include: brand analysis, market research, advertising, design, collateral, public relations, media, sales training, the Internet or just about anything else we can dream up. Putting all these together into a coherent whole is what we call Brand Locomotion.