F&P Launches Infant Adoption Awareness Campaign in Canada

Fort Wayne, Ind - Floyd & Partners Advertising and Public Relations has announced that it has launched an infant-adoption-awareness ad campaign in Canada. Created for Adoption in Canada, the campaign includes print, billboard and radio ads along with a website, public relations, and social-media components. The campaign calls attention to the options women have with open adoption. Beginning in April, ads will appear in Toronto and other cities around the country www.adoptionincanada.ca

"Our research showed that few women consider placement because they are unaware of open adoption, which allows a birth mother to pick the adoptive parents for her child and stay in contact, if she chooses," said Bob Floyd, president of Floyd and Partners. "The campaign is an attempt to raise awareness of those options."

F&P interviewed dozens of Canadian women, who had placed their infants for adoption. The women ranged in age from 70 to 17, and came from every province in English-speaking Canada. When asked their primary reason for choosing adoption, every respondent cited the desire to provide her child with a mother and father.

This central finding of the research became the basis for the campaign. The print ad and billboard, for example, feature a quote from Shancelle, a birth mother from Saskatchewan. The headline reads, "I wanted my baby to have a mom and a dad", and is paired with a scene at a beach with two adoptive parents, who are on an outing with their adopted child. The ad copy explains open adoption and invites her to find out more. The idea is to create the possibility of a happy point in the future when the birth mother's aspirations for her child have come to fruition.

"The concept was universally well received by our birth mothers," said Floyd. "Above all these women told us that they wanted to be a good mother, which for them means placing their children with the right parents."

The campaign is expected to run over the next two years in English-speaking Canada.

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